Picked Chicken Tortilla

(serves 2)

2 tortillas
4 pieces
crispy chicken fingers

4 pieces Salad leaves
2 tbsp Chopped tomatoes
1 tbsp Picked green chillies

Chilli sauce or mango salsa or mayonnaise

This is a simple recipe that can be served if you are in a hurry. The crispy chicken finger that I used is the readly available Dinding Branded fingers. Or you can also use any other type of chicken fingers which is coated with flour.Deep fry the chicken fingers.Leave aside.

In a non stick pan, lightly heat up the tortillas.
Take a tortilla, place 2 salad leaves, followed by chopped tomatoes and pickled green chillies (fresh green chilli marinated in vinegar and sugar) .Place two pieces of chicken fingers in straight position .Add in some chilli sauce or mango salsa and fold up the tortilla tightly and neatly. Halve it and serve .
Easy ,fast and filling for breakfast.

Contributing this recipe for the event Show Me Your Sandwich hosted by Dil Se..
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