Achu Murukku/Rose Murukku/Kuih Ros

Rose murukku or Achu murukku  is a crispy, popular and delicious flower-shaped murukku. The mould used to make Achu Murukku is made of thin metal sheet shaped like a flower. Lately, there are many types of design in the market. Buy any design that fancies you. It is a very easy recipe once you get a hang on it and a must for Deepavali in all homes.  There are many variations in making this sweet snack. However, a compulsory flour used in this recipe is the rice flour. Some use cornflour instead of plain flour. You can use rose essence or cardamom powder for flavouring. In Malaysia. we usually use rose essence. 

  • 161gm (1 cup) rice flour (I used ready-made string hopper flour/idiyappam flour)
  • 30g (2 1/2 tbsp) plain flour
  • 115gm (1/2 cup) powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp rose essence
  • 10gm (1 tbsp) black sesame seeds (if doing half only then use 1 tsp enough)
  • 310 ml (1 1/4 cup thick coconut milk)
  • 1/4 tsp salt 

In a bowl mix all the above ingredients with coconut milk. Blender the rice flour until fine (if desired). 

Then mix enough water to get a consistency where the batter should lightly coat the back of a spoon and does not fall apart when dipped. 

You need to use the rose mould to make this murukku. Dip in hot oil before dipping three quarter in the batter. then slowly dip into the semi-hot oil. The secret to getting a nice shaped cookie lies in the hotness of the mould. If the mould is hot and then coated with batter, then it will automatically come out when we dip the mould in hot oil. Gently hold the mould inside the hot oil. You will see the oil bubbling. 

After a few seconds, shake the mould handle gently to release the achu murukku into the oil. You can also use a fork to help release the murukku. Let it fry in medium heat till the bubbling of the oil subsides. 

Turn the murukkus halfway so that both sides have an even golden brown colour. In the meantime, leave the mould in the hot oil so that it is ready for the next murukku. The murukkus will be soft when you are taking it out, no worries as it will become crispy once it is cool. Dish out on a paper towel and store in an airtight container once cool. 

Tips for making achu murukku:
  • always fry the murukku in the lowest heat possible. Then only you can control the colour of the murukkus
  • you need to heat the mould in the oil each time (at least 30 secs to 1min) before dipping into the rice flour mixture
  • occasionally beat the rice mixture as well before dipping the mould into it
  • do not shake the mould vigorously as it tends to break the shape of the murukku; if it's not coming out, use a fork to slowly push it out
  • and frankly, it becomes easier when you are using a seasoned mould or a mould that had been used ample of time in making this murukku. You might have a problem for the batter to come out from the mould if using a new store-bought mould. 
  • but no worries, heat the mould in oil, a day earlier before using 
  • when you see many in youtube doing it so perfectly is because the mould had been used many times - usually, some get it from their mom or grandma
  • in Malaysia , the recipe uses egg. But I have prepared here an eggless version
  • this is the first time I am using readymade flour to make these murukkus, usually I use homemade rice flour. So you can try using homemade rice flour for a better result
  • this recipe is crispy yet I would prefer it to be thinner yet, no complaints, everyone liked it and finished within 2 days. 
As I have written in the beginning, there are many variations when making Achu murukku. One needs to try out as many versions possible to check which one is suitable for the mould that you have. I will be trying out other versions as well, like with egg and also maybe replace the plain flour with cornflour. My mother in law uses rice flour and cornflour while my mother uses 100% rice flour only. Therefore, frankly, there is no one correct recipe in making achu murukku. It all comes back to with egg or without egg and which recipe your mould will give the best result!!! In Malaysia, this snack is known as Kuih Ros and made with rose essence and egg. There are variations with black and white sesame seeds.