Black Pepper Murukku


105gm fried urad dhal powder (fry 170g and measure the required amount)

360gm steamed plain flour (steam 410g flour and measure the required amount)

15g white sesame seeds or cumin seeds

1/2 tsp butter

3/4 to 1 tsp salt mix with 1 cup of water

1 tbsp coarse black pepper powder( I used store-bought) (can add more if desired)

(if using freshly grounded black pepper, reduce to 3/4 tbsp)

Take about 410gm of plain flour. Tie in a muslin cloth (thin material) and steam in rapid boiling water for 30mins. While the flour is steaming, let's prepare the urad dhal flour.

Dry roast around 170g of urad dhal until aromatic in medium flame. Once it is light brown off the heat. Leave to cool for about 3 mins. Then powder the dhal in a mixer. Sieve several times to get a fine-textured urad dhal powder/flour. If not then you will have a problem to press it out from the murukku mould. Keep aside the sieved flour. 

Take out the steamed plain flour carefully after 30mins. It will be solid therefore use a fork to break it apart. Take some and powder it in a mixer. It is easier this way as you will safe time. Sieve the flour. Do the same with all the plain flour. Then weigh it to get 360g. In a bowl, mix in the plain flour, 105g of roasted urad dhal flour and mix to together. Add in the black pepper powder, sesame seeds and the butter. Mix well then slowly pour in the saltwater. I prefer to dissolve the salt in the water before adding. Mix water and knead into a dough. 

Heat about 5 cups of oil. Place in the top part of the murukku mould in the oil while it is heating. This will help the dough to come out easily later on when you press.  I used three small stars murukku plate. Using the murukku mould, press and shape into spiral or coil shapes.

I usually press out the murukku dough onto plastic round glass coasters, however, this time I used plastic bags as I could not find the coasters!! You can use moist thin cloth or foil. Check if the oil is hot enough by dropping a small piece of dough in the oil, if it floats up, then the oil is hot enough. Slowly put in one by one the murukku. In between turn the murukku for even frying. Deep fry until the bubbles subside. This means the murukku is done. Dish out and drain excess oil from the murukku in a kitchen/paper towel. Do the same until all the dough finishes. 

Store cooled murukku in an airtight container. 

Note: You can add chilli powderasafoetida and either sesame seeds  or cumin seeds