Maggi Goreng Mamak/Mamak Stir Fried Noodle

A popular favorite at ‘mamak stalls’ (or Indian-Muslim food stalls) across Southeast Asia, this version of the fried noodle recipe will elevate your everyday packet of instant noodles to a memorable meal!

1 packet maggi noodle (I use SEDAAP brand,Mi Goreng asli)
1 small potato, cut cube and fry
4 to 5 fresh cleaned prawns
a handful of mustard green
a handful of beansprout 
1 small tomato, cut into 4
1 small fried beancurd, cut in cubes
1 medium size onion, thinly sliced
2 clove garlic, chopped
1 prawn fritter (refer Pasembor for recipe)
1 tsp chili paste
2 to 3 tbsp rojak sauce (refer Pasembor for recipe)
1 tsp oyster sauce
1 tsp dark soy sauce (I used caramel soy sauce)
1 tsp tomato sauce

shallot crisp
thinly sliced green chilies
1 calamansi lime

Soak maggi noodle in normal water for 15mins, drain. In restaurants, they usually boil in hot water and drain , personally I do not like the noodle soggy so opt with soaking in normal water.

Heat wok with 2 tbsp oil, saute garlic lightly, add onions and saute further until onions soften. Add prawns , give a few stir,then chilli paste,soy sauce,oyster sauce,tomato sauce  and cook until oil splits.
Mix in tomatoes, followed by drained noodle and stir fry until all the ingredients are well combined.
Bring all the noodle in one side of the wok, break an egg on the other side, stir to break apart the yolk, slowly cover the egg mixture with the noodle. Leave for a minute. Then quickly scramble all the ingredients together. Add in the rest of the ingredients , add salt and sugar to taste. Dish out and garnish with shallot crisp, green chilies and an halved calamansi lime at the side. 
Before eating, squeeze the lime and stir before eating. Yummy Yum!!

Note: I know there are way too many ingredients, you can omit some of it, like potato or fritter. However, most of these ingredients can be found in a Maggi Goreng mamak.