Tauhu Sambal Tiga Segi/ Triangle Tofu in Chilli Paste

3 pieces of fried tauhu, cut into triangle shapes
1 tbsp tamarind juice
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 tbsp tomato sauce
1 tbsp sugar
salt to taste

Grind coarsely in a mixer:
10 dried chilies, soaked in hot water for 10mins and drained
6 shallots
1 in fresh turmeric
2 nips garlic
1in roasted shrimp paste

heat oil, shallow fry the tauhu for about 2 to 3mins. Dish out and keep aside.
Saute the grind ingredients for a few minutes, then add tamarind juice and coconut milk.
Add tomato sauce,sugar and salt. Let cook until the paste becomes thick and oil floats on the surface. Mix in fried tauhu and combine well. Close fire. Dish out and serve with rice.