Kerala Potato Stew_Ishtoo

This is a simple Kerala stew, which is my favorite. It's actually a vegetarian stew, but at times my mom throws in some thinly sliced chicken meat. It tastes great. LOL. This stew is served with string hopper, dosa or idli. Sometimes I eat it with white bread.

400 gm potatoes (cut into small cubes)
40gm/half an onion , thinly sliced
a bit of chicken meat (optional)
1in or 10gm ginger, julienned
1/2 a green chili, thinly sliced
2 sprigs curry leaves
salt to taste

Coconut milk
3/4 grated coconut from 1 coconut
250ml hot water
425 ml water
Mix to together the above in a blender and pulse for a while to get thick coconut milk.

In a wok, add in potatoes, sliced onions, ginger, green chili and chicken meat. Pour in 3/4 of the coconut milk into the wok. Simmer with the lowest heat. Close with a lid, stir occasionally so that the coconut milk does not break. Simmer until the potatoes are cooked. Season with salt. Finalize by pouring in the balance coconut milk. Once one or two bubbles appear, close heat. Throw in the curry leaves and add 1 to 1 1/2  tsp of cooking oil.Do not stir.  Close with a lid and leave the stew for about 15mins. After 15mins, stir and taste to adjust seasoning. Some houses do add a pinch of turmeric powder, however am sharing my mum's recipe.

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