Grilled Squid Percik

1/2 kg squid
a bit of turmeric powder, to rub on squids 

salt to sprinkle a bit on squid
1 cup thick coconut milk
2 tbsp thick tamarind juice
3 to 4 tbsp sugar

salt to taste
1 turmeric leaf

Ingredients for the Percik:
2 lemon grass – bruised or add to grind
10 dried chilies, cut into small segments(boil and leave to cool)
1in shrimp paste
1 medium size onion
3in fresh turmeric
1 tsp fennel seeds
 4-5 cili padi/bird's eye chilies

1. Blend all the ingredients and then saute in a wok with about 1/2 of oil.
2. Throw in bruised lemon grass.
3. Stir until oil starts floating on top. Then add in tamarind juice, sugar, thick coconut milk and salt to taste.
4.Leave to simmer until the paste thickens and oil floats on top.
5. Tear the turmeric leaf in a few parts and throw into the paste.
6. Once thicken close fire. Leave to cool.

7. Dap dry the washed and cleaned squids and leave to dry.
8.Rub with some turmeric powder and salt and leave for 15mins.
9. Heat a grill. Rub with some oil. Place the squids on the grill and spread the percik sauce on top and grill. Spread the sauce over all parts evenly. 
10. Dish out, and serve, reminder percik sauce can be served on the side for those who want more sauce on top.

Sotong Bakar Percik
Source: Putra Bugis Temasek