Cheesy Chapati Omelette

This is a very simple recipe:

2 ready made frozen chapati ( I used KawanKu)

1 egg beaten
1 tbsp finely chopped onions
some chopped green chili
some chopped spring onion or coriander leaves or curry leaves
salt to taste
1 sliced cheese (Kraft) (can use grated mozzarella cheese)

Beat the egg with some salt. mix in onions, green chili, and spring onions. In a non-stick pan. Place instant chapati and cook it lightly both side. Then spread the beaten egg mixture on the chapati. Pour a bit of oil on the egg mixture and give a stir. Slowly turn and cook the egg side well. Dish out. Take another chapati and cook both sides. Place cheese on the chapati. Take the chapati with beaten egg and place the egg side on the cheese. Leave for a minute or two.Dish out and cut into four parts. Serve with curry or can eat as it is.