Galangal Fried Chicken

1 chicken , cut into 14 to 15 pieces
3 bay leaves
100gm young galangal (pounded coarsely)
2 tbsp tamarind juice
400ml coconut water
2 tbsp turmeric powder
2 tbsp sugar
salt to taste

4 cloves garlic
6 shallots
3 lemon grass (bottom white part only)
4 cm ginger

Heat about  4 tbsp oil, Saute the pounded  ingredients and bay leaves lightly. Then add in chicken and turmeric powder. Mix to combine all the spices with chicken. Then add in galangal, tamarind juice and coconut water. Stir until sauce thicken. In between add in 2 tbsp oil and stir. Close lid and cook in medium flame. Ensure that you stir the dish occasionally every 3 mins or so. Add sugar and keep frying the chicken. Do not leave the dish unattended as it will burn . Open lid every 3 to 4 mins to stir the chicken . Fry until chicken turn brownish and dry . Serve as a side dish with rice.