Flavourful Plain Pilau

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3 tbsp ghee
4 cloves garlic with skin, lightly crushed
3 medium onions,thinly sliced
500gm basmati rice, washed and drained
3 ½  cups water
2 tsp salt

Spice paste
3 tbsp grated coconut
1 in ginger
5 cloves garlic
3 green chillies
2 red chillies
2 tsp coriander seeds
5 cardamom
3 cloves
1 tsp black pepper corns
3 sprigs curry leaves
3 tbsp coriander leaves
½ cup yogurt

Heat ghee over medium flame fry garlic and onion slices until soft and golden brown.Add in the washed and drained rice and mix well.Add in the spice paste,add water and salt.Cook over low heat until the rice is cooked and the moisture is absorbed,abt 20 mins.