Pudding Nagasari

The original Nagasari cake  is a traditional sweet popular in the east coast of Malaysian such as Kelantan and Terengganu . It is also found in Indonesia.Bugis people call it as bandang Bandang Cake.Its commonly made with rice flour.This recipe is adapted from the original recipe but preparing  it  by using agar agar powder.The one which uses rice flour is steamed while this pudding is refrigerated to set.

400gm cendol
1 cup corn flour
1 tbsp Hoen Kwee Flour (white colour)
1 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
1000ml coconut milk
700ml fresh milk
3 screwpine leaves(knotted)
40-45 pcs of 6in X 6in banana leaves (blanch in hot water)
Or small plastic cups or moulds

First of all, use the same measuring cup when measuring the cornflour and sugar.
The actual recipe requires 1700ml of coconut milk however I had used the combination of coconut milk and fresh milk. You can even use evaporated milk but ensure that there are preposition of coconut milk in this pudding because the coconut milk is what provides the rich taste to the pudding.Next ,if using banana leaves, blanch it .This is done so that we can fold the banana leaf once we had placed  the mixture in the middle. However small plastic cups are recommended as it would be easier to just pour the mixture and let it set in the fridge.
In a heat proof bowl, mix in the flours, sugar,salt,coconut milk and fresh milk.The cendol will only be added finally before placing it on a banana leaf or cup.Combine the ingredients with a spoon until there is no lump.Place the bowl on the stove and start stirring using the lowest heat. Do not let the mixture go unattended as it would burn and change colouring. Keep stirring alternatively in a circular and zig zag motion .You have to stir until the mixture reduces to half .It took me 1hr 35mins. It depends on the flame as well.If you feel the mixture is thickening  way too fast that you could not control it,transfer  the mixture from the heat to a flat surface and keep stirring until the heat had lessen.Then return the mixture back on the heat.Add the cendol once the mixture had reduced in half. Ensure that the cendol had been well drained and has no liquid .Stir to combine then start pouring them in prepared cups or moulds. You can place some fruits etc in the middle.I have placed some halve cherries.If using banana leaf, pour 2 to 3 tbsp in the middle.Then take the bottom portion and fold it in such a manner that the mixture is invisible.Take both edges and fold side by side.Finally take the top portion and cover well.Seal it with a rubber band. Refrigerate to set.

1)Beside cherries, use mixed fruit in sugar syrup instead.You can omit using cendol .Drain the fruits.Once you have poured the mixture in a cup, leave for 2 mins  in room temperature ,then place the fruits on top.Refrigerate it.You have a combination of pudding and fruits.
2)Refrigerate the cups of mixture until set.Then pour in 2 tbsp of coloured agar-agar or jelly mixture covering the pudding.This can be a party idea as well.Children will love having different colour jelly pudding.

3)Omit the cendol, pour half full the mixture, place a banana slice or cut jackfruits or even mango  in the middle and top up with more mixture to cover.Then refrigerate the pudding.