Bee Hoon Pattaya

(serves 2)

100gm bee hoon(soaked in water for 20mins and drain)
2 tbsp of julienne carrot
4-5 prawns
1 pc of squid, cleaned and cut into rings
a few chicken pieces(optional)
a handful of cut mustard green
1/4 tsp sugar

Pounded in a mortar
10 black pepper
2 nips garlic

1/2 tsp fish sauce
2 tbsp light soy sauce

some sliced cucumber and tomatoes
roasted prawns
chopped spring onions

1/2 in roasted shrimp paste
3 red chillies
5 calamansi lime, extract juice

For omelette :
4 eggs, beaten

For sauce: You can use bottle chilli sauce , but here I am serving with sambal belacan.
In a mortar, pound red chillies with shrimp paste until fine.Squeeze calamansi lime juice and give a stir. 

For Bee Hoon ; Heat a wok, saute garlic and black pepper for a few seconds, then add in squid, prawns and chicken pieces(if using).Give a stir then add in bee hoon and mix well. Throw in carrots and mustard green ,fish sauce and light soy sauce. Mix well and add seasoning to taste. Dish out. 

To make omelette: Heat a wok until smoke comes, pour 2 tbsp oil ,rotate the wok so that the oil coats 3/4 of the wok. Discard the excess oil. Add a tsp of water in the egg and beat lightly. Pour half of the egg mixture from the side of the wok and turn the wok around with mixture until you get a circle. Place half of the bee hoon in the middle of the egg omelette.Slowly fold the sides to cover the bee hoon.Close fire.Place a flat serving plate on the wok, and slowly turn the wok upside down. 

Garnish with cucumber,sliced tomatoes, chopped spring onions with sauce at the side.

Follow the same procedure to make the second package of bee hoon.