Battered Sweet Cruncy Peppers


     Used  standard measuring cup

    200gms FreshEver Sweet Cruncy Peppers (comes in 3 colours in a pack :red,orange,yellow), I GOT MINE FROM JAYA Jusco

1        cup self raising flour
¾ cup + 1tbsp sparkling water¼ tsp freshly grounded pepper1 egg, beaten lightly (use half only)Salt to taste2        cups oil

cut length wise the peppers, deseed,if there are seeds inside.Keep aside.§  Mix in a bowl flour , pepper,egg,salt and sparkling water bit by bit and whisk until the batter is smooth.
§  Heat up oil , Add in the cut peppers into the batter. Put in one by one the peppers into hot oil and fry until golden brown . dish out and serve immediately .
It can be served as a starter or appetizer with some dipping sauce or munch away plain!!