Crab Rendang

·         4 crabs , cleaned and halve
·         1 tbsp tamarind juice
·         150gm kerisik(toasted coconut)
·         1 liter coconut milk
·         2 tbsp grated palm sugar/gula Melaka ,
·         Salt to taste
·         2 turmeric leaves-shredded
·         2 calamansi leaves/makrut leaves
·         3-5 bird eye chillies
·         3 cloves
·         2 in cinnamon bark

 To be made into paste
8-10 dried red chillies –soaked in water
1 in ginger
2 lemon grass(use the bottom part only)
6 large shallots
5 nips garlic
1 cm galangal
1 cm fresh turmeric

Heat a wok, stir fry the pounded ingredients until fragrant and oil floats on top.Add in gula Melaka ,tamarind juice,coconut milk and salt to taste.Stir and leave to simmer gently. Once the gravy becomes slightly thick, add in kerisik and stir.Then add in crabs and mix to combine.Keep stirring until it becomes slightly thick.Throw in the leaves and dish out.

Note: There is a step by step on how to make kerisik


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