Corn N Prawns Fritters


          150 g / 5oz yellow Lentils (Toor Dal), rinsed clean 
     125 ml / 4 fl oz / ½ cup Cooking Oil, for deep frying 
75 g / 2 ½ oz / ½ cup dried Shrimps (Hebi, Udang Kering), soften in hot water 
300 g / 10 oz Plain All-Purpose Flour 
2 tsp Baking Powder 
1 tsp Turmeric Powder 
410 g / 13 ½ oz, Creamed Corn 
200 g / 7oz fresh Prawns, shelled and de-veined 
2 Eggs, beaten 
1 large Onion, peeled and sliced 
1 Tomato, diced 
150 g / 5 oz Bean Sprouts (Tauge), tailed if desired 
2 Green Chilies, seeded if desired and minced 
Handful Garlic Chives (Ku Chai), sliced 
Peanut Sauce (optional) – recipe below
Salt and White Pepper 

Peanut Sauce Ingredients: 

4 Garlic cloves 
½ cup Shallots (Red Onion) 
8 large red Chillies (soaked until soft) 
6 Candlenuts
1/4 cup Cooking Oil 
2 cups roasted pounded Peanuts, or, ½ cup Peanut Butter 
1 to 2 tbsp Tamarind Juice (Assam Juice) - mix Tamarind Pulp with hot water, strain  

      1 lemon grass –bruised

      ½ in shrimp paste
  2 to 3  Tbsp brown sugar 
  Salt to taste

Peanut Sauce Paste Method:
Finely ground Chilies, Garlic, Shallots and Candlenuts into Paste. Add in lemon grass and Fry Paste ingredients in hot oil for 5 minutes or until oil floats on top. Stir in Ground Peanuts and Tamarind Juice. Bring to the boil. Add salt and sugar to taste.I like my sauce to be more in the sweeter side therefore have added more sugar! Add water to reach desired serving consistency.


Boil the yellow Lentils in water for 10-15 minutes or until tender, then drain and place under running water to cool. Set aside to drain well.

Mix Baking Powder, Tumeric Powder, dried Shrimps, yellow Lentils, sliced Onion, Green Chili, Creamed Corn, Garlic Chives, Tomatoes, Egg, Bean Sprouts, Prawns, salt, White Pepper and water, into the All-Purpose Plain Flour. Mix batter well. Rest the Mixture for 15 minutes

Heat sufficient oil for deep-frying. Drop spoonfuls of batter into hot oil and deep fry until golden. Drain on paper towels and serve warm with Peanut Sauce, or dipping sauce of your choice


Adapted :Chef Wan