Kerabu Kecambah/Salad

My third and final cuisine of Terengganu Peranakan -- the Kerabu Kecambah . The salad was very refreshing , rich with flavours, a suitable accompaniment with white rice or even Nasi Lemak !

Fish and coconut mix
120gm freshly grated white coconut
12g dried prawns ,soaked and pounded
50gm grilled white fish meat, flakes
1 small salted fish,grilled and pounded ,do not deep fry(optional)
A Peranakan Terengganu Salad, very refreshing with some spiciness !! I served along nasi lemak and it was  an amazing accompaniment :-)
1 stalk lemongrass,chopped finely
30gm young ginger,chopped finely
4 shallots, chopped finely

15gm toasted shrimp paste,belacan
5 red fresh chillies,seeded and sliced
3 shallots,sliced
1 tbsp sugar
1-2 tbsp lime juice,base on personal preference
300gm beansprouts,blanced partially, I like it a  bit  crunchy
50gm green papaya,shredded
Mint leaves,for garnishing

Fish crackers for serving

To prepare fish and coconut mix : Heat wok over low heat ,when hot stir fry the ingredients together ,stirring continuously until fragrant and dry without browning.Set aside to cool.
To prepare dressing: Pound or blend together shrimp paste ,chillies and shallots to a paste.season to taste with sugar and lime juice.
To assemble : In a large mixing bowl , combine the bean sprouts, shredded papaya, 3 to 4 tbsp fish and coconut mix, 2 tbsp dressing (or more) before serving. Toss well and serve with fish crackers or use the crackers as a dish and place a spoonful onto it as a mini appertizer !
I ate it with nasi lemak ,and it was really a very refresing salad .
Note: Only mix and toss the required amount for serving. 

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