Black Glutinous Rice Onde Onde

Ingredients A

120gm  glutinous rice flour
120gm black glutinous rice flour
120ml hot water
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp oil
A dash of black colouring
Sufficient amount of  Coconut Milk to make into a dough

Ingredients B (for coating)

1 ½ cup grated coconut(the white part only)
¼ tsp salt

Ingredients C (for filling)

1/2 cup block Brown Sugar/palm sugar (gula melaka)(chopped up finely) 


Mix grated coconut with salt. Steam for 10mins .Set aside. 
Mix sugar and colouring into the hot water. 
In a bowl ,add in the rice flours, add oil, then  bit by bit the hot water and mix. 
Add in sufficient coconut milk to make into a dough.

Meanwhile,boil some water in a heat prove bowl. 
Leave it to boil . 
Take a marble size or bigger the dough. 
Flatten it in your palm ,add a bit of chopped brown sugar as filling and cover and roll into a small ball size. 
Immediately put it into boiling water. 
Do the same way with the rest of the dough. 
Cooked balls will float up in the water. 
Dish out and roll it in the grated coconut. 
Leave it to cool before serving. 


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