Layered Steam Sago Cake

Steamed tapioca pearl cake layered with delicious flavours and texture.

Ingredients A
380gm sago
300gm water
Ingredients B
200gm grated coconut ,white part only
200gm sugar
200ml coconut milk
A pinch of salt
Ingredients C
100gm palm sugar/gula Melaka
5 tbsp water
2 screwpine leaves (knotted)
Ingredient  D
2 colours of your choice

Soak Ingredients A for 30mins.
Cook ingredients C in low heat until palm sugar melts. Sieve and leave to cool.
Mix in grated coconut ,coconut milk and salt (except sugar) into the soaked sago. Separate into
3 portions. For  the first portion , add colouring of your choice and 100gms sugar  and mix.
For 2nd portion, add colouring of your choice and 100gms sugar and mix.
For the 3 rd portion, mix in ingredients C .
Line the base of a 7in pan with banana leaf. Spread the palm sugar portion(3rd portion) evenly in a the pan, and press lightly.Steam in rapid boiling water for 30 mins. Remove from steamer and pour in the second portion and steam for another 30mins. Pour in the last portion and steam for another 30mins.Cool completely before cutting.

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