Mini Sweet Potato Talam

Mastering to prepare kuih talam took me some time.Its not easy to get a prefect talam until you know how thick the mixture should be ,before steaming it ! Once you get the hang of it, than you can prepare the many varieties of kuih talam . 

For the bottom layer

·                     300gm orange sweet potato,boiled and drain the water,keep aside
·                     75 gm rice flour
·                     75 gm potato flour /Tepung ubi kayu
·                     150 ml santan + 150ml water
·                     230gm sugar
·                     1 tsp salt
·                     Yellow colouring-optional
·                     1 tsp vanilla essence ,optional


Combine  rice flour ,potato starch/flour and cut sweet potatoes into smaller pieces and put in a mixer.Pour in the coconut milk.Blend it together until smooth.Sieve.If the colour of the mixture is not dark enough, you can add in colouring.
Pour the mixture in  a saucepan, and stir in very low heat.Keep to the lowest heat that you have .Keep stirring until the  mixture thickens. This will take about 20 -25mins.DO NOT leave the saucepan unattended. The mixture can burn easily and this can change the colouring. Tips: If you feel the heat is too high, take the pan from the heat, and keep stirring, once the temperature of the mixture has lessen, place back the pan onto the heat.In this manner you can control the thickening of your mixture and avoid it from changing colour!
Grease the mould with oil, before pouring the mixture half full, you can use lompang moulds or any small plastic cups ! Steam them for 7 mins.

For the top layer:

·                     100 gm potato flour
·                     200 ml thick coconut milk
·                     200ml water
·                     2 tbsp rice flour
·                     1 screwpine leaf /pandan leaf ,knotted
·                     1 tsp salt (to taste)


Again, blender all the ingredients ,except screwpine leaf, until smooth.Sieve.Pour into a saucepan ,with knotted screwpine leaves.
Stir continuously in low heat until mixture thickens. This again can take about 20-25mins,depending on the heat.Discard the leaf. Pour on top of the sweet potato layer, ¼ full or until fill the moulds and steam for 10 mins.

Cool the talam completely , before taking it out from the moulds.
You can chill the talam before serving as well!

Serve for breakfast /teatime ,or as a dessert !


  1. Wow, completely a new sweet for me, looks damn cute.

  2. Looks delicious! I have tried a few times but never got it so smooth. By the way the potato flour/starch you mention is not tepung ubi kayu (which is tapioca flour). So which is the actual flour did you use?


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