Blueberry Cheesecake

Three layered cheese cake, bottom sponge cake, blueberry cheese in the middle and yolk cream on top 

Sponge Cake
125g Optima spongecake mix
2 cold large eggs
25 gms of water
30g corn oil
½  tsp vanilla essence

Blueberry cheese
100gm cream cheese
30g castor sugar
1 tsp gelatine powder
30ml fresh milk
100g fresh blueberries (blended)
60g fresh cream(whipped)

Yolk Cream
2 egg yolks
30g castor sugar
50ml fresh milk
½ tbsp gelatine powder
100g fresh cream(whipped)
1 tsp vanilla essence


Blueberries,chocolate bits 

For sponge cake
Use 6in or 7in cake pan.Not larger as then the layers will be thinner! Place a baking sheet on the baking pan.Preheat the oven at 180C.
Put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl EXCEPT the OIL. Mix the ingredients well at high speed till the consistency is thick.
Gradually add in the oil and continue to beat at slower speed until the oil is well mixed with the batter.
Pour into the pan and bake for about 15 mins. Leave to cool.

For blueberry cheese
Stir cream cheese,castor sugar,gelatine powder and milk over simmering water until cheese melts and become smooth. Keep stirring and don’t leave the mixture unattended!Remove from heat once the mixture is smooth.
Add in the blended blueberries,slowly fold in the whipped cream until blended.For faster the cream to be stiff, I usually place the bowl and whisk in the fridge before beating the cream.
Spread over the sponge cake .Refrigerate for a while.
After an hour prepare the yolk cream.

For Yolk Cream
To make yolk cream, stir egg yolks,sugar and milk and gelatine powder.Then place on simmering water and stir until mixture thickens.Remove and leave to cool. Fold in the whipped cream and vanilla essence.Spread the yolk cream slowly over the blueberry cheese .Freeze until set.The cake is best eaten the next day !
Decorate as desired.


  1. Hi this cheesecake looks very pleasing to the eye, and you didn't use too much creamcheese too. Definitely wont be too rich, like
    normal cheesecakes are!

    Also love your "Smiley Chef"

    Thanks for sharing
    Regards, Mrs G Singh, Ipoh

  2. Elegant and very prefectly sliced cheesecake bites, gorgeous..

  3. drooling :P


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