Sizzling Rojak Tauhu/Tofu

Ingredient A
2 block of soft tofu
2 tbsp potato flour

Ingredient B
For the sauce:
3 tbsp sweet plum sauce
A few drops of light soy sauce
1/4 tsp oyster sauce
¼ cup water
½ tsp sugar (optional)
¼ tsp corn flour mix with 1 tbsp water

¼ carrot (julienne)
¼ cucumber (julienne)

2 tbsp groundnuts (toasted and pounded coarsely)

Steps to follow:
1.Julienne both carrot and cucumber and put them into ice water and keep refrigerated .
2. Soft tofu normally will be in water.Discard the water and place the tofu a few hours earlier on a plate.In between discard the water on the plate by turning it side way.This is to ensure that the tofu is slightly dry when frying.
2. Toast the groundnuts .Discard the skin.You can deskin  by placing the roasted hot groundnuts in a kitchen towel and rubbing in between with your palms.The skin will come out easily.Place the deskinned groundnuts in a mortar and pestle and pound coarsely.
3. Heat a wok with 2 cups of oil. The oil must be hot. Cut the tofus’ into 6 parts. Sieve some potato flour on top of the tofu. Place the rest of the flour around the tofu plate.Coat or dab each small tofu pieces lightly with potato flour and place into the hot oil. Fry 1 block by 1 block only. If you fry more the tofu might break. Remember that tofu is sensitive to handle and might break into smaller parts if not handled cautiously.
4.Turn the tofu and deep fry until light brown. Dish out. Do the same with the second block of tofu.
5.While the second block is frying, prepare the sauce. In a skillet , pour in about ½ tbsp of oil. Put in the plum sauce, water, soy sauce and sugar(optional) .Stir to combine .Simmer to required consistency. Close fire.
6.Heat a sizzling pan. Wait until there is smoke coming out from it. In between dish out the second block of  fried tofu. Once there is smoke on the sizzling pan, place the fried tofus’ on it and pour over the plum sauce, retaining behind  a tbsp of the sauce on the skillet. Be careful as at this stage the pan will be really hot, and the sauce will start to sizzle. Transfer the pan onto a wooden base (when you buy the sizzling pan, it comes as a set, the pan, a wooden base and a handle to transfer).
7.Top with julienned carrots and cucumbers, sprinkle the peanuts and pour on top the left over sauce .
8.Serve immediately.


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