Auszogne- Bavarian Donuts

"The International Food Challenge" (IFC) for the month of April was exploring Bavarian Cuisine from Germany,which is hosted by Saraswathi Tharagaram who had complied four wonderful recipes for all the members to choose ,the first being Kartoffenkuche (Bavarian Potato Pancakes),Bavaria Dampfnudel / Steamed Sweet Dumpling from Oven ~ Eggless,Brotsuppe – Baverain Bread Soup and Auszogne – Bavarian Donuts.

German regional cuisine can be divided into many varieties such as Bavarian cuisine (southern Germany), Thuringian (central Germany), Lower Saxon cuisine or those of Saxony-Anhalt. For the month of April everyone is given Bavarain cuisine from Southern Germany as a challenge! The origins of Bavarian cuisine is rural. The cuisine typically includes meats and Knödel dishes, and the prominent use of flour.The Bavarian dukes, especially the Wittelsbach family, developed Bavarian cuisine and refined it to be presentable to the royal court. This cuisine has belonged to wealthy households, especially in cities, since the 19th century.

Thank you to both Saraswathy Tharagaram of Saras Yummy Bites and Shobana of Kitchen Secret And Snippets for introducing this challenge .IFC is a monthly event and for those who are interested to join by all means click any of the hosts links and be a member !

I have chosen Bavarian Donuts or Auszogne.The Auszogne is a traditional fried dough pastry especially in Old Bavaria, Franconia, Thuringia and Western Austria. Depending on the region, the Auszogne is also called Knieküchle, Kiacherl, Kiachl, Knienudeln or Kirchweihnudeln. In many beer gardens Auszogne are offered as sweets or dessert at the food stalls. An Auszogne is usually made of pure yeast dough. After mixing all ingredients, the dough is formed into a ball and thereafter shaped .Thereafter they are fried in hot butter oil and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
In the past Auszogne was prepared mostly during the harvest season and on holidays, such as Kirchweih (parish fair) and Dult.

Flour – 250g
Yeast – 1 Pkt / 20g
Sugar - 50g
Melted Butter – 2TBSP
Yogurt – 2 TBSP ( Room Temp)
Egg- 2 ( Room Temp)
Salt – A pinch
Warm Milk  - You would need less milk probably 2-3 TBLS
Oil – For Frying
Extra Flour – For dusting
Icing sugar mix cinnamon powder – For dusting on Fried Donuts


1.  Mix Flour , sugar , salt and yeast in a bowl .
2. Add eggs and Melted butter and mix . Add yogurt and mix till there is no lumps . Add milk till you get the dough consistency.
3.  Leave the dough on a bowl covered with a kitchen towel , allow it to proof for an hour .
4. The dough should have doubled in size . Place the dough on a flour dusted counter top.
5. Use more flour if the dough is sticky . Knead it till the dough is formed .
6. Divide the dough into equal sided balls.
7. Roll them out to small circle . The dough is pulled by turning it from the center towards forming a outer edge with a thin center.
8. Deep Fry the dough and coat them with icing sugar .

9. Serve it warm.

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  1. You guys are tempting me with this donuts, wish to make some soon.


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