Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodles

Pan fried noodles , is a Hong Kong dish consisting of flour noodles pan-fried until crispy, and served together with vegetables, chicken, and/or seafood.Browsing through and doing some research on this dish , I have found many variations. I came across a few recipes which uses ginger and garlic in the dish ,while most uses garlic only.I have opt on using garlic ,omitting the ginger! This recipe is adapted from Greg Wong with a few changes.I have used dried egg noodle for this recipe, you can use wonton noodle as well.

Lets check out the recipe:

(serves 2)

100gms(2 rolls) egg noodles 
50gms bak choy 
50gms prawns
100gms thinly sliced chicken meat 
20gms carrot(julienne)
2 nips garlic(chopped)
1 tsp chinese cooking wine
2 cups of chicken broth
a few drops sesame oil
dash of white pepper powder
salt and sugar to taste
1 tsp corn flour mix with 3 tbsp water (to thicken the sauce)

For egg noodle:
Soak the egg noodle in water for about 20-30mins ,drain. Boil the noodles in boiling water for about 10mins ,drain.

Heat about 3 cups of peanut or soya oil, deep fry the noodles until crisp,make sure the noodles are fried without breaking them apart in a round flat shape. The noodle will be a bed for the other ingredients .

Reduced the oil, add  abit of corn starch to the chicken pieces and deep fry lightly , to entangle the chicken pieces, add a bit of corn starch to the prawns as well, and add into the chicken pieces and fry lightly.Dish out. Reduce the oil further , saute chopped garlic , and add in the cooking wine and stir.Put in the vegetables and toss it slightly for a few minutes. Pour in chicken broth ,and leave the vegetables to soften slightly. Mix in the chicken and prawns and stir.Season with pepper, salt and sugar to taste. Thicken the sauce with corn starch mixture.Finalize by adding in the sesame oil . Pour onto the fried noodles. Serve immediately.

Adapted :Cooking with Greg Wong

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