Vegetarian Bee Hoon

A vegetarian bee hoon recipe which is onion and garlic free, for those who are on strict vegetarian diet!
I prepared this dish with a slight tomyam taste to it ...Try out and let me know !!

100gms bee hoon(soak in water  for 20mins and then drained)
2 tsp sweet radish (optional)
2 lemongrass(sliced diagonally)
20gms cauliflower florets
¼ of a carrot (julienned)
½ cup fried tofu/fried tauhu(diced)
6 calamansi leaves/makrut leaves/lime leaves(discard the middle stem)
80gms beansprout
5 -6 stems of chives,cut ½ cm in length
7 bird eye chillies,slitted
1 slice of ginger(pounded)
2 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp tamarind juice
A pinch of white pepper powder
Sugar and salt to taste

Julienned salad leaves

Thinly sliced red chilli

A few points : The sweet radish can be purchased in supermarkets.If you are using the salty type of soy sauce then taste before adiing the salt.If using the sweet soy sauce , then lessen the sugar.

Heat a wok, and sauté pounded ginger with sweet radish. Once aromatic, add in cauliflower ,carrots,lemongrass ,bird eye chillies and stir further.Sprinkle some water and close with a lid until the cauliflower has soften.Then add in bee hoon, light soy sauce, tamarind juice and stir to well combine all the ingredients. Add beansprout, chives,calamansi  leaves(break into smaller pieces)  and tofu and combine the bee hoon well with the ingredients. Add in seasoning  and pepper powder. Stir  and dish out.Garnish with salad leaves and red chillies.
Caution: The bee hoon tastes fantastic , the only advise is while you have your first mouthful, slowly discard  the lemon grass,bird eye chillies and makrut leaves/lime leaves/calamansi leaves J.


  1. bee hoon....bee hoon looks so yummy

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