Spicy Fried Chinese Potato/Koorka kizhangu Perattal

Koorka or better known to me as Koorka kizhangu(in Malayalam)  is one of my favourite side dish. In English, the plant has sometimes been called Chinese potato, Coleus potato, Hausa potato, or Fra-Fra potato. It is also referred to as "native potato" and "country potato" .In Malay it is called as ubi kembili .One can hardly find this potato  in Malaysia, but is available in Ayer Hitam,Johor.So whenever  friends or relatives past by there ,they will buy and distribute it around .Recently , I visited my parents and dad passed me some koorka.I was happy and introduced it to my daughter. Of course, she was making joke of the pronunciation of the potato and kept  identifying it as the ‘complicated potato ’ .It was her first time , and am glad to comment that she found it tasty and asked me to cook it again!.However ,she suggested  to add some chicken of course!! My mum uses koorka to fry with masalas, or at times prepares curry with them , but the recipe which I am sharing today is my favourite. I t is a dried version which is a good accompaniment with rice and curry.The standard thing one need to do before cooking the koorka  is that it needs to be scrapped  from its skin, diced and then boiled .

250gms of koorka kizhangu
8 dried red chillies(soaked in hot water)
2 medium size onions
½ tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
2 sprigs curry leaves

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Soak the potatoes in water for 30mins.Scrap the dirt out with a small sharp knife and place it back in tepid water to avoid discolouring. Do the same with all the potatoes.Grind into a fine paste the chillies and onions.Keep aside.
Dice  the potatoes and place in a heated wok with 2 cups of water.Add in turmeric powder and salt.Close lid.Cook until the potatoes soften and  the water has evaporated , add in the grinded  chilli paste to the koorka. Stir  for about a min, add in 2 tbsp oil to the paste and stir further. Lower the fire and close with a lid.Occasionally stir the paste and add more oil when necessary.When the side of the wok  start turning brownish due to the masalas, start stirring and scrapping the masalas which is sticking on the wok.The masalas will start coating the potatoes.At this stage do not close lid. Keep stirring to avoid  the masala from burning. Add oil if necessary . Keep stirring and scrapping the masala from the wok until you can see some greasiness on the wok. The masala should be well coated with the potatoes. Adjust seasoning (salt) .Throw in the curry leaves ,give a few stirs and close fire. Dish out and serve as a side dish with rice and sambar /dal curry.



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  1. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.comSeptember 15, 2013 at 10:11 PM

    Wow, this looks so yummy and I think I can eat extra rice just with the gravy itself!

  2. Never had a chance to taste these chinese potatoes, will get some to give a try to this stir fry.


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