Layered Cendol Palm Sugar Pudding

Ingredient A
400ml coconut milk
800ml water + 6-7 screwpine leaves
180gm sugar
15gm agar-agar powder(1 ½ tbsp )
Green colouring
¼ tsp salt

Ingredient B
800ml water
160 gm palm sugar/gula Melaka
10gm agar- agar powder(1 tbsp)

Ingredient C
150m l coconut milk
450ml water
100gm sugar
10gm agar-agar powder(1 tbsp)
80gm cendol
¼ tsp salt

1.Cook ingredient A until it boils.Separate into 2 parts.Pour one part into a pan.Leave to set in the fridge.( I placed in the freezer).Leave the rest of the mixture boiling in low heat.
2.Cook ingredient B until it boils.Sieve.Separate into 2 parts. Pour one part on to the first layer.Scratch the top layer with a fork .This will ensure the second layer sticking to the first layer. Leave to set. Leave the rest of the mixture boiling in low heat.
3.Cook ingredient C except the cendol until it boils.Pour all the mixture onto the second layer.Sprinkle the cendol as well.As the layer set, the cendol will rise up.
4.Scratch the top layer with a fork.Pour the palm sugar layer and leave to set.
5.Finally ,pour in the first layer(ingredient A) mixture on top.


  1. Delicious sweet, I have seen only in pictures, now I can try with your recipes.


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