Apam Polkadot

My first attempt in making Polka dot steam cup cake came out well however I was not satisfied with the texture.The fluffy ness did not stay long. This recipe is another version which I tried out recently. There are a few changes that I have done .When I did the apam for the first time I used superfine flour, normal sugar and omega 3 eggs.I did not place any  filling to the apams.I did them medium size .

This recipe uses normal flour with a combination of cornflour and double action baking powder.The recipe is adapted from 'kakzusemanisgula' and was better than my first trial.

I had used evaporated milk for this apam .You can use a combination of evaporated milk and fresh milk if desired.A few things that one need to be caution about is first, beat the egg until stiff,next ensure that you place a towel on the lid to prevent  steam water dropping onto the cupcakes, beside that adding filling ,provides a better taste to the apam and make the apams in small sizes.Without filling the apam does taste bland!! The filling can be chocolate bits, jem,kaya or coconut filling.Finally sufficient time and  patience in order to put dots on your batter before steaming.

4 eggs
230gm castor sugar
2 tsp ovelette
280gm flour
1 tbsp cornflour
1 ½ tsp double action baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
150ml evaporated milk

colourings: pink,green ,blue etc

Filling – chocolate disc/buttons(Caravella Milk Chocolate)
(I got this chocolates from Bakers’ Choice ,Batu Berendam ,Melaka)


Beat eggs,sugar and ovelette in a beater until stiff.(I beat the egg mixture for 50 mins with speed 3)   .This will ensure  a soft texture to the apam.
Combine together the dry ingredients and sieve.(flour,cornflour and baking powder).
Once the egg mixture is stiff, alternately add in milk and flour.Add in vanilla essence as well.
Separate the batter into three to four parts and add in desired colours.Use piping bags for easy handling. I only used piping bag for the batter which I wanted to pipe in the dots.

Place small paper cups into small cups This will ensure  a nicely shaped apams. Place a tsp of batter into a paper cup.Place a button in the center  and top up with more batter.Do until you have used up all the paper cups. Make sure you beat each time before pouring the batter into the paper cups. The kuih will rise up,so do not pour the batter full.

Make a small hole in the piping bag.Slowly make dots .It will spread after a few seconds .Its up to you what colour combination that you want to use.I have used three different colours:green,blue and purple and the  polkadots had been retained with the original colouring.

Heat the steamer until water boils. Lower the heat and place the cups into the steamer.Steam for 10mins.
 Note:Ovalette is a stabiliser used in baking sponge cakes. It helps the eggs to rise rapidly and stiffly. As it is acidic it also helps the beaten eggs to remain stable and not lose the airy and voluminous texture. It makes sponge cake softer and smoother. 

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  1. Damn cute and very attractive appam.

  2. i have never tried this dear, have planned hundreds of times but never made these


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