Finger licking Prawn Sambal is one of those dayz, when after a hard day of spring cleaning, you just need something to boost your energy , and that would be  Prawn Sambal and beansprout stir fry and whatever carnivor side dish that you can think off !!!! ((for me)LOL . For sambal , the taste of your sambal varies when you soak your dried chillies in tepid water or hot water .Believe me, try it ,and you will know what I mean!

So, here is a simple but tasty sambal recipe for all of you.

1/2 kilo prawns (cleaned)
2 tbsp tamrind juice
1 tbsp of sugar (I like it sweet,you can lessen if you wish)
1/4 tsp salt 

To grind to a paste without water

10 dried chillies(boil in hot water) and discard the water.
3 fresh red chillies
2 in shrimp paste
10 rose shallots

In a mixer, grind the chillies, shrimp paste and shallots to a fine paste.Do not add water. Heat 4 tbsp of oil, saute the paste until fragrant.In between add in sugar and salt. Add the sugar in the earlier stage as  it  will caramelise the chilli paste and give it a darker colouring. Pour in tamarind juice and give a few stirs. Finally add in prawns .Cook until the prawns change colour.Dish out and serve.


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