Fortune In a Bowl/A salad Idea

Two recipe ideas for Chinese New Year.

100gm boneless chicken meat
½ tsp corn flour
1 red capsicum
1 yellow/green  capsicum
¾ cup cube  pineapples
1 dried red chilli(break into a few segments)
3 nips garlic-chopped
3 slices of ginger
1 medium onion(cut into quarters)
½ tsp oyster sauce
½ tsp light soy sauce
A few drops of Worchester sauce
1 tbsp sesame oil

Cut chicken meat into small pieces.Marinate it with light soy sauce and Worchester sauce.

Cut the capsicum into equal sizes in cubes.I used the pineapple in sugar syrup, so it was easy for me to cut it in equal size.The pineapples are sweet therefore there is no need to add sugar in the dish.

In a wok, heat sesame oil and ½ tbsp of cooking oil.You can add more oil if desired.Add in dried chilli, then the ginger –garlic and stir fry slighltly. Mix the  corn flour to the chicken pieces and immediately add into the hot wok.Stir fry in a fast motion on high heat and this will ensure that the  chicken pieces will separate individually .Then add in capsicum ,pineapple and oyster sauce.Stir fry again until all ingredients are well combines. Taste  first,if  preferred add in salt and sugar to taste.As the soy sauce will give the salty taste to the dish.If using fresh pineapples then do add some sugar to the dish.Make sure you do all this procedure on high heat and be careful as you are cooking.Be slightly apart from your stove.Thicken the dish with some cornflour mixture and close fire.Serve immediately.

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Jicama with spicy tamarind Dressing

50gm tamarind paste
100ml hot water
3 to 4 bird eye chillies
1 tbsp lime juice
5 to 6 tbsp sugar/raw sugar cane
Salt to taste

50gm carrot(julienne)
1 green apple(julienne)
100gm jicama/sengkuang (julienne)

Toasted sesame seeds
Toasted peanuts,roughly chopped


In a bowl place all the vegetables, pour in the dressing, and garnish on top with sesame seeds and peanuts.Place the crackers at the side. You can serve extra dressing on the side.

Adapted from:Flavour magazine


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