Pandan Pallgova & Shallot Cookies

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Diwali season is just around the corner ,what reason more than to prepare all the goodies to enjoy the day.Malaysian Delicacies will be placing a few recipe ideas for the Festival of Light for all of you to try ,so do come back occasionally to check on my recipes.
First submittion for the month is Pandan Pallgova and Fragrant Shallot Cookies.The original pallgova recipe comes from my aunt who is residing in states at present ,I have made some innovation on the recipe and added pandan flavouring,just as rich and tasty,while the cookie recipe comes from the Flavour magazine.

Pandan Pallgova

I mug milk powder
1 mug sugar
¾ mug water
1 tbsp pandan coconut powder
1 tbsp self raising flour
2 screwpine leaves (knotted),
1 tbsp ghee
A few drops of green colouring
2 tbsp of roasted almond slices
 Image shows the mug and tbsp spoon that I used and the ingredients
Note: If you cant get pandan flavoured coconut powder,can use plain coconut powder.Do not omit the pandan leaves if using plain coconut powder.
There are two ways that you can use to pour the finishing product:
1)Coat a bit of ghee on the tray where you will be pouring the finish product.You can use a flat top/cover of a stainless steel pan or even a cookie baking tray.
2) Or you can place an aluminium foil sheet on the tray and coat ghee on the foil.

In a non stick pan or wok, heat ¾ mug water ,add in sugar, and screwpine leaves.Leave to simmer until sugar dissolves.Add in the green colouring as well.Reduce heat to the lowest.Wait until sugar had dissolved and slightly reduced.Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl except almonds.
Slowly add spoonful by spoonful of the dry ingredients into the sugar syrup.Stir at all time as the milk powder can burn and change the colouring of the pallgova.Add in the powders and keep stirring until all the dry ingredients have been added to the syrup.Add in the ghee as well and keep stirring in low heat until the batter can come out from the pan easily.This will take about 20 -35mins or so.Make sure at all times to stir the mixture and do not leave the wok/pan.
Pour into a flat baking tray .Sprinkle with some toasted almond slices.After about 5 mins, take a knife ,coat with some ghee and start making ¾ cuts in diamond shapes in the pallgova.You have to do it while it’s still soft because once its toughen, when you cut ,it might break and give you uneven shapes.Leave to cool , as it cools it will become tough.If you feel after 3 hours also your pallgova has not become tough, do not worry, leave it for a day or two,it surely will get tough.The reason could be that you have not stirred it long enough.
Once the pallgova have cooled down,break them into parts,it will be easier since you have already cut it ¾ way earlier.Good Luck.Remember Practise Makes Perfect.

Fragrant Shallot Cookies

This tender melting shortbread cookie gets the fragrance from the shallot crisps.
You can buy ready made shallot crisps from the wet market or supermarket or make it yourself.

Homemade shallot crisps:
1 cup cooking oil
12-16 shallots,peeled and thinly sliced.
Heat oil in a pan over medium heat.Deep fry shallots until crispy and light brown.Remove from heat and drain excess oil.Leave to cool. Use as required.

For the cookie:
320g butter
¼ tsp salt(if using unsalted butter)
160g icing sugar
1 Grade A egg
75g shallot crisps(thinly crushed with a fork)
2 heaped tbsp grated parmesan cheese
500gm plain flour,sifted
50gm cornflour,sifted
1 tsp baking powder,sifted
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda,sifted

Preheat oven at 180C,Grease the baking tray.Using beater,cream butter ,sugar and salt.Beat in egg,add in the rest of the ingredients and mix to form a dough.Chill dough in the fridge for 20mins.Roll dough to a thickness of 0.5cm and cut into desired shapes.You can use a cookie press/sawa, but make sure the shallots are not crushed but grounded ,so that it will come out easily .Arrange on baking trays and bake for 25 to 30mins.Leave to cool before storing.

Pandan Pallgova recipe was submitted for the event **Diwali Sweet Recipes** hosted by My Culinary Creations .Also heading to My Diwali My Way Event hosted by A Girls...Diary ,Festival Of Lights Event hosted by Anu's healthy Kitchen,Oh Taste N See 's Event Serve It-Festival Potluck started by Kriti's Kitchenand and at present hosted by Taste N see. Also to Torview to her Rainbow Colours Finale.
Also heading to Healing food Coconut Event hosted by Saffronstreaks,started by Cooking With Siri



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