Kuih Kosui/Koswi

300gm dark brown sugar/gula merah/chopped palm sugar
200gm sugar
300gm plain flour
100gm potato flour/tepung ubi
1 tsp alkaline water/kan sui/air kapur sirih/air abu
Enough water

2 cup grated coconut(white part only)
1 pinch of salt

Place brown sugar and sugar in a bowl.Add about 200ml water and boil until both sugar dissolves.Close fire.Leave to cool for about 5 mins. Sieve the sugar syrup and add enough  water to make it 1800ml .
Add in the flours, alkaline water and stir until all the ingredients combine well.Sieve the mixture.
Grease the steaming pan with a bit of oil .Place in the pan in the steamer for about 3 mins. Stir the mixture and pour slowly in the steamer pan. Cover  the steamer lid with a kitchen towel so the water does not drop in the batter.Steam for 25 to 30mins. You can use small cups also. Grease the cups or moulds with oil and heat it up before pouring the batter.Steam for about 10mins to 15mins .
Take the pan from the steamer and leave the kuih to cool down about 5 to 6 hrs. You must leave the kuih to cool down completely before cutting, if not the kuih will break easily .Mix  the grated coconut with salt and place in the steamer . This can be done finally once the kuih is done. Just place the coconut in the steamer for a while .This will soften the coconut. Coat the cut kuihs in the coconut and serve.
Air kapur sirih: Kapur is a lime powder used for making the kapur water,a milky liquid obtained by mixing kapur with water.Kapur is actually fossilised coral ground to a powder.The powder itself is commonly spread on betel leaves,which are chewed together with the betelnut as a stimulant ,antiseptic and mouth cleanser.In malay cooking ,this liquid is usually added to sweet kuih to firm up the texture. It is also to batters for a crispier fritters. In nyonya kuihs they prefer to use air abu /alkaline water sold in bottle. It looks like water .
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  1. i love kuihs, all kuihs except the rainbow one haha. this sounds and looks delicious! is there a way to replace the kansui? what does it do?

  2. there is a version of this in the Philippines, its called "Kutsinta"


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