Steamed Corn cake/Talam Jagung

Bottom Layer
1 liter light coconut milk
350gm sugar
230gm plain flour
200gm cream corn
½ tsp salt
Yellow colouring

Top Layer
800ml coconut milk
60gm plain flour
100gm rice flour
½ tsp salt

For bottom layer

Combine all ingredients in a bowl except cream corn. Sieve and place in a proof heat bowl.Mix in cream corn and cook in low heat for 10 mins. Stir the batter at all times and do not leave un attended. In between you can take off from the heat and keep stirring and bring back to heat .This way you can prevent the batter from cuddling .
Pour the batter on a greased pan(with cooking oil) and steam on medium heat for 20-25mins.Take out from heat and leave to cool for 5mins before steaming with the 2nd layer.

Top layer
Combine all the ingredients and sieve.Cook in low heat for 15mins.With a fork scrap slightly the bottom layer and pour in the top layer.Steam for 20mins .Leave the cake to cool thoroughly for at least 3 to 4 hrs before cutting and serving.

The above recipe is heading its way to the
Priya's Veggie/Fruit a month event: corn
at present hosted by
Torview Toronto


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