Petite Rose Cakes

Eggs are one of the common ingredients use in the culinary world. Eggs are so versatile that it has become a must in most household (unless you are a vegetarian).
I know that in my household its a must therefore I normally buy the Eggs which contain Omega 3 or pasteurize eggs. It is said that these type of eggs are safe to comsume in a regular basis .
Pasteurization (or pasteurisation) is the process of applying heat on object for the purpose of destroying viruses and harmful organisms such as bacteria, protozoa, molds, and yeasts in that object.
Pasteurize eggs are slightly expensive where 6 eggs costs about RM7+. There are two types available which are with Omega 3 and DHA. For kids its always advisable to buy the one containing DHA.
Today's recipe is a cake recipe, petite(as the name suggest) , cute and spongy to taste. The butter cream is a must because it compliments well the cake which is less sweet. It is suitable for all time or occasions.

Ingredients A
3 egg yolks
20gm sugar

Ingredients B
3 egg whites
70gm sugar

100gm flour
10gm vegetable oil
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp lemon rind

Butter cream

100gm butter
60gm sifted icing sugar
1 tsp rose essence
Pink colouring

Beat yolks with sugar until fluffy.Add in vegetable oil, lemon juice and rind.Beat well.
Separately beat egg whites with remaining sugar until stiff. Fold in the egg whites into the yolk batter.
Mix in the flour. Place the mixture in a piping bag.
Pipe rounds onto small greased muffin tray.I used a 4cm diameter muffin pan. . Perheat oven at 180C and bake for 10mins.Increase timing for larger cakes.

For butter cream: Beat butter and icing sugar until light and creamy, add in essence and colouring. Sandwich petite cakes with butter cream.Dust with icing sugar.
Or you can also serve individually by piping buttercream on each pieces .

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  1. These are just adorable, and a nice alternative to the traditional cupcake. I have a baby shower to go to and she is having a little girl. I think these may be attending. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thats lovely platter of cutesies. great decoration and awesome recipe.

  3. wah, those cakes look really nice..should i eat it or keep it?

  4. Awesome post!
    It's really helpful for me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Awh! So cute!! I love them! Would you mind if I share this post to my friends in Foodista ? Just add the foodista widget at the end of this post, and that should do it. Thanks!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Amy @ Foodista

  6. WOW! That is looking delicious! I'd love to try this out. Thanks for the recipe.

  7. Love your blog, thanx for sharing with us.

  8. Wow, great decoration and awesome recipe.

  9. thank you for linking these delicious looking cakes wonderful to serve individually

  10. The website is excellent, I visit it regularly and always has interesting information. Viewed and very well-organized.

  11. The website is excellent, I visit it regularly and always has interesting information. Viewed and very well-organized.

  12. Looks and sounds delicious .
    I love the recipe .
    Great to watch the Malaysian stuff.Thanks.


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