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Some how during these pass few months things has just turn hectic for me that
I have actually forgotten that my luvly blog had turned 3 years old on 29th May.
Happy Belated Birthday Luv….
I remembered it only this morning while I was baking a cake (as it’s the school holidays here)
for all at home.I had to smile to myself as I felt good inside as there were many good things happening to me this year .I have somehow landed with a part time job and decided to persue a part time course to have better job opportunities. What better reason not to be smiling all the way!!!
I was thinking of selling some products on my blog for sometime now. All the time I feel a bit undecided but last month I went out and bought most of the things I wanted to sell online and today am going to start this new venture thru my blog.

Most of the items sold here can be used for some of my recipes in this blog. There are a few more new recipes which I will be blogging using some of the items below.If you have any queries just mail to me at malaysiandelicacies@gmail.com . Your patience is much appreciated if I could not reply immediately.

KPT01 / Kuih Pai Tee Mould Price:US$18

REM01 / Rempeyek/Tumpi Mould Price:US$8

PAM01 / Puteri Ayu Mould (1 dozen) Price: US$8

SC01 / Steaming plastic cups (1 dozen) Price:US$6

AKMSmall / Ang Koo Mould( Small )Price:US$5

AKMBig / Ang Koo Mould –(Big )Price:US$4

*Colours may vary for certain products.

Adding a few more new items :

Batik Purse to keep coins or valuables
Available in orange and black colour
DI01 - USD8

Wooden Bullock Cart 
DI02 -  USD10

Pink Magnetic Kebaya (Front and back view)
DI03 -  USD7

Yellow Magnetic Kebaya (Front and back view)
DI04 -  USD7

Bookmarks (5 in a set)

Bookmarks (5 in a set)

                                             Melaka Keychains (6 pcs in a set)
                                                  DI07- USD20

Food Stuff:

Two in one Dodol,
       Original or durian flavour(choose either one only) plus ginger flavoured Dodol
                                                 FS01 - USD9

Click on the images for larger view

Please email at malaysiandelicacies@gmail.com to order the products and the quantity.Please take note that the product price are US Dollars and not nego. Product pricing are excluding delivery charges.
Once you have ordered the products , I will inform the full pricing including delivery charges. Email me with the following particulars:
Email :
Product code and quantity:
Mode of payment:
Phone No : I will write your contact number when I send the products on the packing
All products will be send via postal express.
Please take note that products will only be send upon receivement of payment.
Delivery Time : 15 days time upon receivement of payment.

Payment Mode:

Westin/Western Union Money Transfer

There are 2 simple ways to send money though Western Union.Firstly, you can go to the nearest Western Union Authorized Service Provider location to send money through Western Union.
Complete the appropriate Western Union 'To Send Money' form, and give the completed form to the Authorized Service Provider, together with your current original valid government-issued photo identification, the amount of money that you (the Sender) want to send, and the necessary transfer fees.
You will be required to sign a receipt after you have verified that all the details printed on the receipt are correct. One of the details printed on the receipt is your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), which can use to track the status of your money transfer online.


o The sender's full name (as written on the 'To Send Money' form).
o The country from where the money was sent.
o The amount that was sent and the currency.
o The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

Register in paypal .Follow the instructions .Key in my email add and the money will be transferred to my paypal a/c.

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PLEASE NOTE : Malaysian Delicacies WILL NOT BE responsible with goods damaged or stolen during transit.