White Chocolate Peach Ring Cake

Mothers Day

Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty story tell,
Or kiss the place to make it well?
My Mother.

The love she has deep in her heart,
Always gives me a good jump start,
She is the one who’s love is true,
Thank u Mom for being u

Smiles of happy sunshine,
Arms of everlasting love,
Touch of sweet roses,
There is magic in the air
Whenever You are there,
Mother, everything to U I owe,
May all pleasures of life come your way

When I came home in the rain,
My Brother Asked: Why U Didn’t take an Umbrella.
Sister:(Advised) why didn’t U wait till rain stopped.
Father(Angrily) : Warned! only after getting cold, U will realize.
Mother: while drying my Hair, said,
“STUPID RAIN! couldn’t it wait, till my child came home.”
That's MAA (Mother)

Malaysian Delicacies would like to wish all


***Happy Mother's Day***

I was thinking what recipe to blog and after finally going thru my recipe folder decided its going to be something sweet.Finally White Chocolate Peach Ring Cake came to my attention. There is no harm in devouring a piece of cake once in a while!!

100gm white chocolate
125g butter
105gm castor sugar
2 eggs,separated
155gm self raising flour
½ cup milk
1 can peach halves,drain and reserve juice

Melted white chocolate
Sliced peaches

Reserved juice

Note: Use standard cup measurement to get best result

Preheat oven to 170C.Brush a 20cm ring tin with melted butter.Coat base and side evenly with flour.shake off any excess.
Place chocolate in glass bowl.Stir over barely shimmering water until melted,remove from heat.
Beat butter and sugar until light and creamy.Add egg yolks gradually ,beating after each addition.Add chocolate,beat until combined.
With a metal spoon,fold in sifted flour alternatively with milk.
Beat egg whites separately until soft peaks form.Fold egg whites into flour mixture.Stir until just combined.Spoon half of the mixture into prepared tin,slice peaches thinly and arrange on top.Spoon remaining mixture over peaches, smooth the surface.
Bake for 40mins or until skewer comes out clean.Stand cake in pan for 6mins. Before turning onto a wire rack.
Drizzle melted chocolate over cake. Decorate with slice peaches and drizzle reserve juice if preferred .

Adapted from :Best ever chocolates cakes & slices

This recipe heads to Celebrating MOM Event hosted by Shabitha of My Home Kitchen


  1. nice cake!
    and happy mother's day to all mums! =D

  2. This cake looks delicious and mouth watering.Happy mothers day.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful entry...Looks delicious and yummy...


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