Roti Canai Goreng/Fried Prata

Sometimes, at the wee morning hours , dad wakes up early and rush to buy breakfast. He ends up at an Indian shop , ordering about 8 roti canai or more (calculating of course 2 for each and again adds a few more : natural of all dads!!) and drives back home with his bundle of food. Kids wakes up all sleepy and the first question that pops out will be ‘ Whats for breakfast?’ .Ah, dad proudly informs “Roti Canai” . After a hearty breakfast , alas there are still some leftovers . Reheating for dinner , its out of question at my household, since they complain that the roti canais get rather tough. So what I normally do is prepare roti canai goreng from the leftovers. Frankly its quite common nowadays to come across roti canai goreng in certain mamak food outlets.

2 roti canai /ready made pratas
2 small eggs (beaten)
4 prawns or some chicken pieces
1 nip garlic (chopped)
½ a onion(chopped)
½ tsp chilli paste
1 sprig curry leaves
Salt and sugar to taste

1 tbsp chilli sauce
½ tbsp tomato sauce
1 tsp dark soya sauce
½ tsp oyster sauce

Heat 2 tbsp oil, sauté garlic and onions until soften,add in chilli paste as well the prawns and sauté further. Once fragrant break in the roti canai into small pieces and throw into the pan, add in all the sauces and stir fry further. Add in salt and sugar .Pour in the beaten eggs in a way that it covers the roti canai pieces. Leave for a sec and stir fry until well incorporated.Finally add in curry leaves and dish out. Amazingly yummy with a cup of tea!!
Note: You can add mustard green if desired.I have tried adding beansprout but the taste was not to my liking.


  1. Roti Canai Goreng. so special LOL

  2. Soooo temptind and yummyyyyyyy.

  3. that's true abt that dad:) looks yummmy pa:)

  4. Interesting dish.Looks delicious and very hearty.

  5. Mmm....miss roti canai here. There won't be any left over if I have them now...haha. Love the idea of fried roti canai.

  6. i miss malaysia roti canai..these looks fab n yummy n spicy..frst time here..i lov all ur malaysian dish!/..will keep visiitng!

  7. Ala, macam nak beli satu... Lagi Dua bulan...

  8. Jfook,Tina,SimplyFood,n Priya thx alot.
    Saras lol, thx .
    Mary ,I understand what u mean.Roti canai is a fantastic dish, isnt it.
    Subhie, thx .Glad u like the recipes here.Pls do visit from time to time.
    Felicia, u r a student I see, bila u balik, boleh makan semua dishes!!


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