Puran Poli(Sweet Pan-fried Flatbread)

Puran Poli is a traditional maharashtrian sweet paratha made with channa dal and served with a generous spread of ghee .Puran Poli is a special occasion delicacy in Maharashtra,Gujarat, and some parts of South India. Puran is the stuffing and Poli is the outer layer of dough. The general ingredients are Dal, dark brown sugar, plain flour, cardamom powder and ghee.

This sweet flatbread can also be served during Navratri . Since in most of the communities, people observe fast during Navratri and eat only one meal a day at sunset, the Navratri meal has special courses and is strictly vegetarian. Even onion and garlic are not allowed due to their foul smell. Specific ingredients and vegetables are used that may vary from region to region.This dish is safe in every way to continue your fast.

For pastry
160gm plain flour or maida flour
160gm wholemeal flour/atta flour
200ml warm milk
¼ tsp salt

For filling:
270gm chana dal
100gm dark brown sugar(gula merah) or white sugar
¼ tsp fresh grounded cinnamon powder

Ghee for glazing and cooking the poli’s

Going thru the ingredients,one gets a lot of variation ideas and inspiration.LOL.There are many ways to vary the filling the Malaysian way.
• Can use mung dal mix with sugar.Make into a paste.Then add in grated coconut.
• Use mung dal,some grated orange rind with sugar.Make into a paste.Then add in grated coconut.
• Or hmm ,have you eaten topiaco fritters sold at stalls during tea time.Soften the tapioca and mash it.Mix in sugar plus grated coconut.Yummy.
I think all this filling can be tried out !!!

The main type of flour one uses to prepare the poli is plain flour. Maida flour is very difficult for me to get it here. Once my mom went to Singapore.She manage to buy it from Serangoon Road.The flour is more finer that the normal plain flour.Some do use self raising flour too. The polis can be done using fully plain flour or a mixture of plain and wholemeal flour.

This is my first time preparing puran poli!!I have seen my sister in law preparing it ,rich with ghee . But actually have never wanted to try it out. I suppose when one starts to blog , the interest to try out every recipe possible is within you.After a thorough browsing into Indian cuisine ,I finally and badly wanted to try out this recipe.I have prepared this recipe to my own discretion.

Next, is about the ghee .
There are two famous brands that one can get, QBB and Cow Brand Ghee.I have always used Cow Brand Ghee as the smell is really amazing.It has never failed in giving a fantastic taste to my dishes.It is 99.9% milkfat with 0.1% moisture.There is no artificial colouring ,flavouring or preservation.Of course if you are not keen in using ghee ,substitute it with planta margarine.

First step is to prepare the filling:
Soak the chana dal for at least 4 hours.Then drain the water. With 1 cup of water cook the dal.Do not cook it until its very soft. About 15mins is enough. Drain the dal in a kitchen towel.

Mix together the dal,sugar and spice powder and make into a paste with a mixer.Do not add water since you want it into a paste.Make it into 16 round balls.Leave the balls in the fridge if sticky.

Next prepare the pastry:

In a large bowl, mix plain and wholemeal flour together.Heat milk to be slightly warm and add in salt and give it a stir. Slowly pour in the milk into the dry ingredients.Make it into a dough. Make into 16 round balls.

Flatten a plain flour dough to a small circle. If preferred you can brush some ghee ,I left it without ghee and place a dal ball in the middle.Cover the plain dough with the filling together.Use a generous amount of plain flour on your rolling board to avoid the dough from sticking.

Gently press the dough with your palm .Flatten the poli slightly. Use flour at both sides.
Place aside. Do the same until all the dough finishes. You will have 16 polis.

Take a poli one at a time, and make it into a round shape gently. Be very gentle as to not break the top part. Adding of flour will help for this purpose.

Assuming that you are cooking the polis in a tava or griddle,place the poli on a medium heated griddle.I prefer to use griddle as it gives more taste .If you don’t have a griddle, a non stick pan will do.

Do not grease the griddle.(Note:You have to turn the poli 3 times every 5 secs) Place a poli on the griddle. Leave for 5 secs then turn the poli.Leave for another 5 secs , then turn again. At this stage spread some ghee on the poli.

Once its 5 secs turn again and spread ghee at the other part.At this stage the poli will puff .A beautiful sight.Means its done. Dish out.Do the same with the rest of the polis.

Wonderful puran polis with fillings suitable for breakfast,tea time or even dinner.

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