Rose Coconut Ladoos

"Laddoo" is typically a popular Indian sweet prepared on festive occassions and also served as Prashad in the Hindu temples in India.
It is made of flour and other ingredients formed into balls that are dipped in sugar syrup. The popularity of Laddu is due to its ease of preparation.
Variations in the preparation of Laddoos result in diverse tastes. Laddoos is often made to celebrate festivals or household events such as weddings. There are so many type of ladoos available made with different ingredients.
Today am sharing a ladoo recipe prepared with desicated coconut which can be made in minutes.Simple yet delicious.

Servings: 20-21 ladoos
Cooking time : 15-20mins

125gm desicated coconut
220gm condense milk (F&N or Milk maid)
20gm almond nips
1 tsp rose essence
A dash of pink colouring

Powder the desicated coconut until fine.Keep aside 20gms coconut powder.
Preheat oven at 180C and roast the almond nips for 5mins.Keep aside.
Add the remaining coconut powder to condense milk and cook on slow fire till the mixture leaves the side of the pan about 5 mins.In between add in rose essence.Once done add in almond nips and close fire.Leave to cool for about 3mins then roll into small ladoos with buttered hands.
Add some pink colouring to the 20gms of coconut powder.Roll the ladoos in the pink coconut powder.Serve.

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  1. Yummy yummy! Good presentation..!;)

  2. the pink laddoos look so pretty! diff version indeed:) thanks for sharing it for my event!

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  4. thank you for linking these delicious sweet ladoos

  5. god..these looks utterly yummy..thanx for sending this to Healing foods



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