Honey Rice

1 kg basmati rice/ white Siam rice
1 tin/ 400g evaporated milk
½ cup honey
2 tbsp briyani powder
100gm ghee
150gm margerine
2 screwpine leaves(knotted)
2 bay leaves
6 cardamom
2 star anise
Salt to taste
Green,yellow and red colouring

2 medium bombay onions
5 nips garlic
2 cm ginger

Wash basmati rice and drain.
Heat up the ghee and margerine together until it melts.Saute the pounded ingredients until fragrant.Add in cardamom ,star anise,screwpine leaves,bay leaves and briyani powder.Saute further until masala dries lightly .Add in 4 glass of water, evaporated milk,honey and stir.Transfer the mixture into the rice cooker. Once the mixture is boiling, add in drained basmati rice . Stir and leave to cook. The amount of water depends to personal preference. Some basmati rice might need lesser or more water to cook.Once the rice is cooked, stir and discard the leaves .Drizzle the three colourings .Do not stir.
When it is time to serve, stir the rice. Garnish with crisp fried shallots fried in ghee.

Sending this recipe for the event Think Spice...Think Bayleaf by Annarasa and was started by Sunita of Sunita's World