Tempting Mango Pudding

IF THERE is one dessert that never fails to grab everyone’s attention, it is this smooth and sweet dessert that can be had at almost anytime at all made with agar agar. Nothing beats having jelly or agar-agar during the hot weather.And when it is mixed with local fruits ,then it would indeed be a dessert to enjoy.

At present , its the mango season.Whenever I am travelling I can see many trees having such wonderful mangoes hanging on stalks .Its not ripe yet , but by end of this month I think all those mangoes would be ready to be pluck and devoured. Ha ha ha...I luv mangoes especially the ripe ones, also semi ripe cut mangoes with soy sauce and cili padi topping that you can buy from fruit sellers.
So when I came across sweet mangoes in Jaya Jusco , I just had to buy a few .
I wanted to prepare something with mangoes and thats how I came across this pudding recipe.The original recipe comes from a magazine with strawberries.I have changed some of the ingredients since I want to prepare it with mangoes.

The above image has been submitted in Jugalbandi for June 2009 entry for the theme 'Stack".

It has two layers ,bottom layer is rich with ice cream ,milk and chunk of mango bits and a simple mango flavoured jelly on top..I cut slices of mangoes and created it so that it looks like a rose to finish off the dessert.

1 packet(11g)
agar agar strands
160ml water
40gm sugar
1 large ripe mango
1 cup ice cream
1 tsp corn flour
A few drops of mango essence or mango emulco
1 cup evaporated milk
A few drops of orange colouring
A pinch of salt

For decorations
Slices of ripe mangoes or cream

Wash the agar-agar strands and boil it with water and sugar. Once both the agar agar and sugar have dissolved, take 7 ladleful and keep aside for the top layer.
Add in ice cream, evaporated milk ,corn flour,a few drops of orange colouring and mango essence.Once it boils,close fire and whisk the pudding quickly.
Pour individually into serving glasses which has been rinsed.Leave to cool for 5mins then add in chopped mango pieces into the serving glasses.You can use a fork to stir the mangoes into the pudding or leave it like that.Leave the pudding to set for about 20mins.

For the top layer ,add colouring and mango essence then pour as top layer onto the bottom layer.Leave the pudding to set for another 20mins then you can refrigerate it.Before serving decorate with cream or mango slices.

Note: When you are preparing the bottom layer, let the top layer mixture be still in low heat.Even if it sets you can reheat the mixture back.

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  1. Thanks for the delicious entry.The pudding is perfect and love the way you served it with the mango rose.Mouthwatering.

  2. thank you for your lovely entry.

  3. This is really tempting ! Came from the FIC round up.

  4. hi u wrote there add ice-cream,what flavour is it?

  5. Hi anonymous,
    Hi used vanilla flavour, you can use mango flavour too. Up to individual preference.


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