There is a Chinese women nearby my home who sells these dumplings along with Nasi lemak, mee goreng etc. Normally she gives her nasi lemak sambal as a dipping sauce for the dumplings. When I came across the recipe in Food & Travel Feb 2009 issue, I knew that I just have to try out the recipe.The filling for this recipe is something that I created because I wanted the dumplings to be similar to the ones that I normally buy.A sambal dipping sauce is also served along with the dumplings.I like the combination very well .The sambal paste is a simple one, you can buy any instant sambal paste (there are many now in the market), to it add pounded shallots ,shrimp paste and sugar. Saute in oil until fragrant.Dish out.
These dumplings are quick ,easy and pleasing appetizers. Of course the dumpling skin was not exactly the same as the one that I have tasted, but it was very much similar. The combination of turnip,carrot and dried prawns is mouth watering and it will compliment well any time as a side dish.

500gm turnip, take out the skin and julienne
100gm carrot, julienne
2tbsp dried prawns, soaked in water for 10mins and then pounded coarsely
1 bunch Chinese chives,chopped
4 small garlic(chopped)
1 tsp light soy sauce
Salt and white pepper powder to taste

For the skin
150g wheat starch
75g rice flour
A pinch of fine salt
300-350ml water

For glazing the dumplings

Shallot oil


For the filling, heat oil in wok and fry chopped garlic and dried prawns till fragrant.Add in carrot and sauté further. Do not add water at this stage . Once the carrot have slightly soften add in the turnip and sauté further.Add in seasoning and sprinkle some water and stir fry until both carrot and turnip is fully cooked and soften.Add the chives , then remove from heat. Leave to cool before use.

For the skin, sift wheat starch, rice flour and fine salt together in a large bowl.Boil the water in a sauce pan , then pour slowly into the flour and stir quickly to cook the dough.Use a chopstick to stir the flour.There is no need to use all the boiled water, but sufficient enough to make a dough.
Transfer cooked dough onto a floured chopping board or table top and knead until smooth and pliable.
Be careful not to burn your hands since the dough would still be hot.Cover the dough and set aside for 10mins.

Use a generous amount of flour on your working surface with the dough.Take a small part and flatten each as thinly as possible with rolling pin and cut rounds .
Fill each wrapper with a bit of filling and fold in each side to form a semi circle.Seal the edges by pinching the sides or pressing with your fingers both sides of the wrapper.It will stick together .Repeat the process with the other wrappers.
Place dumplings on a greased steamer tray and steam on high heat for about 15-20mins.Remove from the steamer and brush with shallot oil.

For variation : You can use any type of filling as you please. Chicken meat or prawns can also be added in the fillings.


  1. look like chee cheong fun skin!! wish I can have one now:)

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  3. Looks good to me. Remind me of Chee Cheong Fun and thinking of pouring some soy sauce on it. Haha~

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