Dried Wantan Noodle

Wantan mee or noodle is a Cantonese noodle dish which is popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The dish is usually served in hot soup, garnished with leafy vegetables, and wonton. The types of leafy vegetables used are usually kailan also known as Chinese kale or mustard green. Another type of dumpling known as shui jiao is sometimes served in place of wonton. It contains prawns, chicken or pork, and spring onions.

Malaysia offers different versions of the dish, with different states having different versions. The Malaysian version differs from the original in having slices of Char siu, otherwise known as barbecued pork in China or Chinese barbecued/roast pork added to the dish, as well as the possibility of the soup and wontons in a separate bowl, the noodles being served relatively dry and dressed with a combination of sauces.

Often served dry, the Hong Kong version can be found at Cantonese noodle joints with it being dry or soup. In Melaka, wontons are placed together with the noodles and wonton soup can be ordered separately. In Kota Kinabalu we have Tuaran mee and Beaufort Noodles which are essentially the same thing- similar to wantan mee/noodle found elsewhere.

This is not the actual recipe for wantan noodle !! But it is my version of preparing it at home.The secret sauce used to prepare dry wantan noodle is still a mystery and I only have bits and pieces to try it out with .I got hold of one of the Food & Travel magazine ,last year’s issue which had a similar wantan noodle recipe.I have changed the recipe because I prefer to have a dark colour wantan noodle to the lighter one.I have replaced Barbecued sweet pork with
chicken char siew

320gm fresh wantan noodles
Chicken lard (fry the chicken fat to excrete oil )
Shallot oil (fry shallots in oil, and use the oil only,discard the shallots)
Chicken char siew
Mustard green (blanch separately )
Wanton dumplings ( I bought the ready made ones from Jaya Jusco)

For the stock
Bones of chicken (you can buy it separately from the chicken vendor)
1 chicken cube(crumble)
1.5l water
2 slices ginger
4 cloves garlic,bruised
Salt and pepper to taste

Place chicken bones,garlic in a small pot.Slowly bring to boil.Simmer for about 1 hour until water reduce.Adjust the taste with salt and pepper. Discard the garlic and ginger .

Wantan sauce
3 tbsp oyster sauce
3 tbsp plum sauce
6 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp light sauce
A few drops of sesame oil
A bit of sugar

Combine all the sauce ingredients in a bowl.Use required amount of sauce to mix with blanched wantan noodles

Bring to boil 11.2 liter of water, untangle the wantan noodles and cook the fresh wantan noodles for 30secs .Take out the noodles and wash in normal water then put back the noodles in the stock again.Cook for another 30secs .
Place 1 to 2tbsp of wantan sauce, a few drops of chicken lard and shallot oil in a serving bowl.Put required portion of wantan noodles, mix well using a pair of chopsticks.

To serve
Place wantan noodles combined with sauce on a plate, top with dumplings, blanched mustard greens,sliced chicken char siew and pickled green chillies.

Note: You need to have wanton skins if you want to prepare homemade dumplings.A combination of grounded chicken or pork, oyster sauce,sesame oil,finely chopped chives,salt and pepper,and some cornflour to combine all the ingredients together.Place a teaspoon of mixture into a center of wanton skin.Cook the dumplings in boiling water until it rise up.Place aside.

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