Apam Eno /Spongy Steamed Eno cakes

There is a shop nearby which I go almost every week to buy breakfast.They sell nasi lemak,mee and bee hoon goreng among a few other normal breakfast dishes. Beside that ,there are a few variety of kuihs being sold there too. One among which is the Apam Eno.I didn’t know the name at first until I got hold of the recipe . It is sold at Rm1 for 3 pieces. I love the spongy texture and it is usually served with some grated coconut mix with a pinch of salt.

This recipe comes from www.myresipi.com contributed by zara_klate@myresipi.com.There are a lot of recipes there which you can try out.The recipes are all in malay ,therefore if you can read and understand the language ,then by all means visit the site.A well done apam eno should have cracks on top , if your’s cracks, congrats.

300gm rice flour
10 tbsp sugar (or more)
1 tbsp dried yeast
280-300ml water
3 tsp eno for 3 separate colourings.
Pink and green colouring

Topping: Mix together
1 cup grated coconut (white part only)
A pinch of salt

In a bowl, mix in flour with water .Add in sugar and stir until sugar dissolve.Add in the yeast in between.Mix until well incorporated. Leave the batter overnight in room temperature.

The next morning, separate the mixture in 3 portions. Mix in eno in each portion. Add in pink and green colouring.Leave one plain .Stand the three mixtures for about 20mins.Steam the moulds at least for 10 mins before pouring ¾ full in each mould. Stir the mixture each time before pouring into the moulds.

Wipe dry the cover before closing .Steam for about 15 mins. Do not open lid when apam is steaming. Leave the steamed apam to cool at least 10mins before loosing the edges of the apams from the moulds.This can be done easily with the tip of your fingers.Leave the apams which has been removed from the moulds further 30mins before serving with grated coconut mixture.

I only did half of the recipe which gave me about 30 apams, I have given a lot of tips in preparing this apams, therefore I hope it comes out well for all of you.

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