Smiling Sesame Balls

250gm plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/4tsp salt
75ml water
125gm castor sugar
2 tbsp cooking oil
Water for dipping the dough into
200gm sesame seeds
Cooking oil to deep fry

Sieve the plain flour,baking powder and salt together then set aside.Boil 75ml of water, and add in the castor sugar with the cooking oil.Stir the sieved flour into this sugar,water and oil mixture.

Mix until it binds to make a soft dough and make as many small balls ( big as a golf ball) as you can until the dough finishes. Dip the golf sized balls in water and coat with sesame seeds.Use a knife or kitchen scissors to slice one side of the ball in a criss cross cut.

Deep fry the sesame balls in cooking oil until golden brown.The slits will open to resemble an open blossom.

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