Multi Flavoured Cream Cheese Candies

This is a candy (which I have to warn) is very very very sweet, so if you a diabetic, forget in making it!!.But then this treat is something the kidz would love to bite into . This is a no bake candy and is easy to prepare.The original recipe uses peppermint extract but I have substituted it with other flavourings.If preffered make it small into a marble size and then flatten it slightly.

125g cream cheese, softened
750gms icing sugar (keep more in hand)
¼ tsp Vanilla essence
¼ tsp Rose essence
A few drops Pandan extract/essence
Green and pink colouring

Mash cream cheese with fork in a large bowl.Add icing sugar .Mix well.Divide into 3 equal portion. Add vanilla essence in one portion, rose in another and pandan in another portion as well. Add in pink colouring in the rose essence portion,green colouring in pandan flavouring portion and finally vanilla in the white portion. Knead each dough well, adding more icing sugar if sticky. Roll dough in small balls.Place the candies on waxed paper lined baking tray . Flatten balls with fork. Chill the candies until firm before serving. Store the candies in air tight container , chilled at all times.
Since the temperature here is high ,it is not suitable to leave the candies too long in room temperature because it might melt.You can chill the dough in the fridge before shaping them.

Source: Sweet Dreams , Hinkler Books Publication

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  1. These look so cute! I will defiently give them a go!


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