Rojak Buah Nyonya

(Fruits and vegetable in peanut sauce)

This popular Malaysian fruit salad is often sold from mobile stalls parked by roadsides.Although it is a fruit salad, rojak is tossed in a pungent sauce made of fermented shrimp paste and red chillies or bird’s eye chillies.Salty,sweet,sour and some times hot ,rojak can be tossed up with any combination of fruits such as green mango ,pickled papaya or ¾ ripe papaya,guava ,jicama and the common cucumber.The standard offering is made with cucumber,fresh ripe pineapple,jicama/sengkuang and green mango tossed with the rojak sauce and topped with sesame seeds and a generous amount of toasted peanuts.At times blanch beansprouts or sweet potato leaves can be found.Due to the use of a combination of tropical fruits and vegetables that goes into the mixing bowl ,the term ‘rojak’ has a meaning of ‘hotch-potch’ among people.

This rojak sauce recipe comes from celebrity chef Florence Tan, who has a few cook books to her credits among one of them is Secrets of Nyonya Cooking . So rather than a standard rojak sauce, am sharing a nyonya version.I only have the ingredients used for this recipe but not the amount .Therefore the amount used in preparing this sauce is according to my discretion.

Fruits used:
Green Mango or semi ripe mango

Sauce Ingredients:
1 anchovies stock cube(dissolve with a bit of water)
1 in roasted shrimp paste
2 ½ tbsp thick soy sauce
½ cup sugar or brown sugar
250gm palm sugar/gula melaka
2 red chilies(if want more spicy can add bird’s eye chilies)
2 tbsp tamarind juice
2 tbsp calamansi lime juice/or normal lime juice
½ cup roasted groundnuts(grind to a paste)
1 ¼ cups fried plain flour
1 tbsp sesame seeds (roasted)
Salt to taste

1 cup roasted groundnuts /peanuts (ground coarsely)

Pound red chilies and roasted shrimp paste .Keep aside.In low heat, mix in 1 cup water with palm sugar.Let it cook until palm sugar melts.In between add in the sugar/brown sugar.Once the syrup thicken slightly, close fire. Slowly add in the palm sugar syrup into the fried plain flour. Stir quickly until the syrup is mixed well with the flour.Sieve the mixture.Add in soy sauce, pounded chili and shrimp paste , grounded peanuts, tamarind juice, lime juice , anchovies mixture and salt to taste . Give a good stir and finally add in sesame seeds .Stir again.

To serve:
In a bowl , add in cut fruits and vegetable, add in the sauce and give it a stir so that the sauce is well combine with all the ingredients, garnish with a generous amount of coarsely pounded peanuts or roasted groundnuts.

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  1. It is really fun to browse for different recipes, I am learning a lot and also thanks for sharing your ideas because at the same time I am also trying my best to learn how to prepare (decent meals :-) Busby SEO challenge


  2. Hi,

    My ancestry is Malaysian, but we grew up in South Africa and now live in the US so our Malay cooking is a mixture of the nationalities that influenced our cuisine in South Africa. I love to come to your blog and learn about the true Malaysian cuisine. This dish sounds delicious and I would very much like to try it!

  3. Hi, I would love to try this out but how do I prepare the fried plain flour? Do I dry fry it or use oil? And won't it give a grainy texture to the sauce? Thanks!

  4. Thx Nazarina.
    Hope this blog helps you.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Fry the flour without oil.In other words dry roast it.Sieve the flour.Left over lumps can be made into powder back with the help of a pestle and mortal .Sieve to add in with the rest of the earlier flour.


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