Kerabu Pegaga

The picture below shows pegaga leaves, There is an article regarding pegaga on the Tip Of The Month column.Check it out. Beside commonly eaten raw with sambal belacan , and made into refreshing juices, it is also eaten as kerabu.A simple recipe on pegaga .

200gm pegaga
1 tbsp groundnuts
2 tbsp fried anchovies
2 shallots(sliced thinly)

Sambal Paste
2 red chillies(deseeded)
¾ in roasted shrimp paste
3 calamansi limes
½ tsp sugar

For the sambal paste:
Pound together red chillies and roasted shrimp paste.Add in sugar and squeeze the juice of the calamansi limes(limau kasturi).Add sugar ,stir and adjust seasoning as desired.Leave aside.

For Kerabu:
Wash the pegaga leaves .Use only the leaves and discard the stems. Squeeze out the water from the leaves.Keep aside. Boil the groundnut with 1 cup of water until semi soft.You can also fry it, but I prefer to prepare it this way.Once soften, drain the groundnuts.

In a bowl, add in the pegaga leaves, groundnuts and sambal paste and give it a stir until all leaves are well coated.Finally add in the fried anchovies. Serve immediately.

You can add in kerisik (roasted coconut) but I prefer this dish without it.You can even use dried prawns for this dish.

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