Curried Fried Rice

Many folks are familiar with the many dishes that can be prepared with rice .Fried rice whether it is spicy or non spicy has always been a favourite . Lately there is a new dish that has been lurking successfully in many food courts and won many people’s heart. Simple yet tasty its non other than the Spicy Curried Fried Rice.As the name suggest ,curry powder is used to spice up the dish that really makes one cant resist it.

Mainly this fried rice is prepared with seafood therefore fish curry powder is used.You can add additional ingredients like chopped long beans or pineapples.

3 bowls of cooked rice
10 prawns (clean, take out shell and leave tail intact)
2 eggs (beaten lightly)
2 small garlic-chopped
10-15 thinly sliced fish cakes
2 ½ -3 tbsp fish curry powder
¼ tsp white pepper powder
Salt to taste

Heat wok and add oil.Fry the seafood items (fishcakes and prawns).Dish out the seafood and keep aside.In the same oil, add in chopped garlic. Saute until aromatic, push the garlic to one side, add in beaten eggs and sauté it. Break into small parts, add in cooked rice. Stir fry with all the ingredients. Make sure there is no lump in the rice. Stir fry until the rice is well coated with all the ingredients.Finally add in pepper powder and curry powder.Stir fry , sprinkle some water if the rice is too dry. Serve hot.

Am submitting Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice, Spicy Prawn Canapes and Curried Fried Rice to 'My Monthly Mingle’ event started from Meeta’s MM and now hosted by Cookingandme with the theme of Ravishing Rice.


  1. Shrimp and rice are my favorites. Looks tasty, have to try it!!!


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