Sweet Rose Delights

100gm sagu (washed and drained)
20gm dessicated coconut
300ml water
100ml rose syrup
1 screwpine leaf(knotted)
½ tsp rose essence
2 tbsp sugar (only if the rose syrup is not sweet enough)

100gm fresh grated coconut mix with ¼ tsp salt
Small paper cups

Boil the sagu, rose syrup ,screwpine leaf and essence together.Stir at all time.Half way add in the desiccated coconut .Once the mixture has thicken,discard the screwpine leaf and pour into a pan.Leave to cool .You can refrigerate it also.Shape abit of sagu mixture in a round shape and roll in freshly grated coconut.Place it in a paper cup.Do the same until all the sagu mixture finishes.Serve cool

Tips for this dish: The rose syrup that I used was the readily available syrup that we dilute with ice water .Add sugar and rose essence if the rose syrup is not that sweet or the rose smell is not that strong.
For those who cant get rose syrup , add I tsp rose essence , 4 to 5 tbsp sugar and pink coloring in the mixture.

I am submitting the above recipe for Cooking with Seeds-Sago Eventstarted by Priya easy n tasty recipes and at present hosted byKitchen Samraj.

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