Cruncy Tempe in Tangy sauce

This recipe also comes from Debbie Teoh.If you want more recipes from her on tempe, check out the Flavour Magazine ,Star publication, May-June 2008 issue.

100g skinned peanuts
2 packets tempe(300g) ,sliced in cubes
3 shallots,sliced thinly

80g tamarind paste,mixed with 150ml water to extract juice
150g palm sugar/gula melaka
Salt to taste
5cm galangal,skinned and julienned
15 bird’s eye chillies ,sliced/or cili padi
15 calamansi leaves,sliced


Deep fry peanuts ,tempe and shallots each separately and dish out .
Heat 2 tbp oil, add in tamarind juice,palm sugar and salt.Bring the mixture to a boil,add galangal,bird’s eye chillies and calamansi leaves.Leave to simmer until mixture thickens for about 5-8mins.

Once sauce thickens,toss the fried peanuts,tempe and shallots crisps in the spice paste ,stir and mix well.Remove from the wok and leave to cool.Serve with white rice .

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